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The Mobihub of the future


Industry 4.0 and Smart Technologies

The future technology of the Mobihub relies on the integration of smart technology and Industry 4.0. The term Industry 4.0 describes the fourth industrial revolution which implies that these smart technologies will help run operations as efficiently as possible.

These technologies use Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR) to reduce the number of human workers and the workload, Machine-to-Machine communication (M2M) to optimize operations and many more other smart technology systems. For the Mobihub, the use of these smart technologies of the fourth industrial revolution will become a necessity to ensure smooth operations in our different ideas. 

Our ideas include smart banking systems, smart speakers, a mobile application, the use of drones and automated robots and many more. Each of these smart technology ideas will be discussed.

Below, you can find the Smart Technologies of the future Mobihub explained in the view of the customer.




Smart Banking Systems and Smart Speakers

We envision a futuristic Mobihub that offers many smart services for the improvement in convenience for the consumers. The use of cash will decrease which will increase the use of contactless payments by phone or by card. In the Mobihub of the future, smart banking systems will be used. These smart banking systems such as Paypal and Payconiq will improve the buyer experience and the efficiency of the buying process.

In the Mobihub, multiple smart speakers will be implemented all over the building. The consumers will be able to ask anything about the Mobihub or other questions that they might encounter. If a consumer has a question about the location of a particular store, the smart speaker can help by explaining where to go. This system can send the information to the phone of the consumer to make sure that they do not forget.


A place of convenience and safety

Not only will the Mobihub be a central place of shared transportation, the Mobihub is a place of convenience that is accessible for all. Services such as picking up packages will be made possible by scanning a code at the unmanned counter of the post office inside the Mobihub. This smart system will be triggered by the code and get started at collecting the right package for the customer that is located in the warehouse. 

All of these processes and the entire Mobihub will be supervised by smart security cameras that have an 360° angle. These security cameras can detect anything out of the ordinary, which can trigger a mobility butler to go and check it out. Not only can they detect security breaches, but they can also visualize trends. This means that the cameras can identify peak periods and customer traffic. These smart security cameras have a reduced rate of false alarms and provide weather information which means that they will alarm you in case of a wildfire or tornado.

Not only can smart security cameras ensure a secure place for the consumers, drones can be implemented for security checks. Drones can also be implemented to help customers in finding their way back to the car that they rented or for security checks. Another way of helping customers find their car is through the use of smart lights on the floor. The smart lights will flicker up for the consumer to follow to ensure an efficient way to find their car.

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The Mobile Application

One of the most important tools of the Mobihub is the smart mobile application. For the mobile application, we performed interviews with potential customers about the importance of providing them with a mobile application. They had specific needs and wishes for the content provided on the application. These needs are:

  • Information about their subscription

  • Information about the technical service 

  • Opening hours, prices, digital map of the location of the Mobihub

  • Accessibility of the different means of transportation

  • Possibility to make a reservation

  • Possibility to pay in the application for services of the Mobihub and transportation

  • Timetable of public transportation

  • Possibility to plan a route with the different means of transportation

  • Different drop-off locations for bikes, etc.

  • Waiting time between each means of transportation

This mobile application could be linked to ‘itsme’ for safety precautions. The development of the mobile application needs to be aligned with the current emergence of platforms that can be used on multiple devices or wearable devices

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Impact of COVID-19

The futuristic Mobihub is a modern structure which has to be compliant to the customers’ needs. The current COVID-19-pandemic will have an increase in importance of hygiene for the customers. This is why the Mobihub will have hygiene goals put in place which will be clearly communicated to the customers. This is why the Mobihub will use automated robots to clean the building to meet these goals. The smart toilet can also be used to meet the hygienic goals of the Mobihub.