Image by Douglas Sanchez


Mobihub of the future


Sensory experience is a concept that embraces an experience defined by tingling all five senses. Each sense is being individually targeted in the Mobihub of the future. More specifically, we can divide this part into five sections; sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

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Evidently the aspect of sight reflects the outline and the look of the Mobihub. In the future, a Mobihub will have an ultra modern yet slightly edgy design.
One of the main aspects is the incidence of light. This will be enhanced by implementing glass windows all around the building. 
The other aspect consist of different shops and facilities that will be present. These can be divided into two categories, necessities and leisure. Necessities contain stores and services such as a pharmacy, a medical centre, a postal service which is described more in detail in the section on smart technology and a bio-supermarket with home-grown fruits and vegetables.
As for leisure this focuses more on the physical and mental health of the people. There will be a fitness centre, a library, a starbucks, and a focus on supporting local initiatives of self-employed people.

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In the Mobihub, Sound hubs will be available.
A sound hub is a space where you are able to listen to your music with friends and family without disturbing anyone else. You simply connect your device to the wireless bluetooth speakers and enjoy.

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This aspect is being widely interpreted and focuses on an ecological approach.

In the Mobihub of the future, two types of green spaces will be created, a vertical garden and a rooftop garden. 

Vertical garden 

The vertical garden will be designed to attract even more people. Not only is it pleasant to the eye with its green and fresh look, but the vertical garden also has some other benefits for society.

As the climate is changing, air pollution is becoming a growing issue, vertical gardens could be part of the solution as they are natural air filters that help create a cleaner environment. This also results in a reduced carbon footprint.

Another advantage of the vertical garden is insulation. Due to climate change, the average temperature on earth is rising. Vertical gardens can reduce heat absorption, which could result in energy savings.

A last benefit of the vertical is more psychological related. A building that has a vertical garden, has a greater positive human health impact. This way, the Mobihub of the future also takes into account the mental well-being of people. 

Rooftop garden

The second green space created will be a rooftop farm. Roughly, rooftop farms have the same benefits as vertical gardens, however the difference lies in its effect on mental health, this will be further explained in the section on 'Social Utopia'. 

The crops grown in the rooftop garden will be used in the Mobihub as well. 

When the fruits and vegetables are ready to be harvested, they will be sold separately and in the form of salads or beverages in the bio-shop, which will also be located in the Mobihub. 

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These two aspects are less pronounced, but still subtly present.


With technologies of the future, we at Mobihub will be able to simulate and create a smell of fresh air at all times. This will ensure happier customers who have the feeling of walking through a green meadow. 


The sense of taste is expressed through the home-grown fruits and vegetables grown on the rooftop. People can buy a fruit or vegetable salad at the bio-shop together with a smoothie, a juice or some tea with fresh herbs. 


Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 won't be beneficial to the Mobihub and has a negative effect, but measures can be taken to soften this impact. First of all, if necessary, social distancing rules can be applied without any issues. Secondly, the rooftop will be divided into several hubs that you can visit in your personal bubbles. Lastly, where necessary, disinfectant hand gel will be present and distributed by the mobility buttler. He or she will also be responsible for the supervision of these measures and ensure hygiene is being guaranteed.