Image by Victor Garcia


Mobihub of the future



The world is clearly shifting towards a circular economy. A circular economy is an economy where waste is designed out of the system. The economic activities are decoupled from consumption of finite resources and resources for one product are found in the waste of another product. This way the resources become infinite and there is no longer any waste, which is needed to stop the current climate change.



Apart from this shift towards a circular economy, there is also a “push for sustainability” trend in consumer behaviour. Consumers are more and more concerned with the environment and their impact on it. There are a lot of eco-friendly products in the market and they are also very affordable, therefore consumers sort of feel bad when they buy a non-eco-friendly product.



Image by Markus Spiske


We want the Mobihub to be a place where people like to come, not only for transportation but also for an overall experience. Therefore, we will need to make it a pleasant and comfortable place to be, certainly in winter times it will be necessary to heat the Mobihub. Apart from the heating, we will have a lot more things that will require energy. We have chosen to put solar panels all over the Mobihub. The solar panels will be placed inside the outside walls of the building of the Mobihub. Apart from this, we will also place some small solar energy sources in the rooftop garden. But here, it is important that the objects are small and barely noticeable because we do not want to ruin the atmosphere of the garden.



Naturally, Covid-19 has and will have an impact on sustainability in the future. In the short term, we have seen that the coronacrisis has had a positive impact on the environment: less pollution, less carbon emission, better air quality. But on the other hand there has also been an increase in the consumption of single-use plastics such as masks, gloves, etc. The positive impact that covid-19 has is expected to be rather temporary. In the near future it will be important to look at this unsustainable production and focus on making it more durable.