Mobihub of the future





Firstly, in our Mobihub of the future, you will have all means of transport easily located at one and the same place. Trains, trams, busses, cars (both sharing and private), bikes, steps and many more. Research has shown that Uber has been working on even implicating UberAir in concepts such as Mobihub, which gives Mobihub an opportunity to work together with UberAir and implement them in the future. By having all these means of transport at the same place, it ensures an easy journey from one place to another. You can easily switch from a train to a shared car, a bike or even a step in just a few minutes. 

Secondly, Mobihub puts convenience of the users above anything else. You will have everything at the same place, not only transportation. You will be able to drop off the kids at the kids centre while you do your shopping in the local shop or work a little bit in the quiet co-working spaces. 

If you just want to drop someone off at the Mobihub, there will be space for a Kiss and Ride. Here you can park for about 10 minutes, so you don’t have to go all the way down to the parking and find a spot. Our Mobihub does not only give you the opportunity to park your car, but also to use our drive through car wash. In only a few minutes your car will look brand new!

shared .jpg


Cars still play an important role in today’s society. This is why Mobihub offers not only parking spaces for private cars, but also shared cars. If you wish to use the mobihub you can arrive by car and leave the car for a few hours up to a few days in our secured underground parking. These spaces can be reserved up front through the Mobihub app, where you will also be able to see how many spaces are still available and where exactly your reserved space is located on a map of the parking. This is the same procedure for a seperate bike parking. You will also get the possibility of booking a space for your car up front to make sure you will have a space once you arrive at the Mobihub. 

Once you arrive, you will get a QR code on your mobile app, which you can scan at the entrance. After the machine has scanned and recognized your unique code, a light above your personal parking space will light up, this way it will be easy to see where you have to go. 

Of course we are well aware that spaces will be booked and people will not show up. There will be a possibility of cancelling your reservation 24 hours up front. If after this you still wish to cancel your reservation or you simply don’t show up at the time of the reservation, there will be a fine. In the case that it would be the third time you are fined for this reason, you will not be able to make a reservation for 2 weeks. By implementing these measures, the amount of no-shows will be drastically less and it will not be a waste of parking spaces for people who wish to park in our Mobihub when it is ‘full’. 

Lastly, there will be a repair shop for your cars, bikes, steps and other ways of transportation. In this shop it will be possible for you to repair your own vehicle if you know how to do this, but there will also be a robot at your disposition that will help you with something more complicated. There will of course also be the possibility to just buy something such as maintenance supplies for your cars or bikes. 



Due to the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, we have to pay extra attention to hygiene in the Mobihub. This means that all of our transportation vehicles get cleaned and disinfected very often. There will also be sanitizing gel at the disposal of the customers at every stop. Shared bikes and shared steps will be disinfected every time someone puts them back at the Mobihub, so there will be no possibility that 2 different people make use of them without it being cleaned. For shared cars, there will not be a possibility to share it with 4 people, but maximum 2. This is because there will be plexiglass installed between the front row and the back row. Installing this will make sure that the front ‘bubble’ and the back ‘bubble’ do not get in contact. This is of course depending on which colour code the country or city is in.