Image by Victor Garcia


Moihub of the future



Take a look at the video down below showing a Mobihub social utopia through the eyes of Emily.



Originating from a rising trend about mental health and physical health, the Mobihub of the future created a social utopia. People became more self-aware and tried to take better care of themselves. A social utopia is where people can not only find their mode of transport they desire, they can also find everything they need in one place while also working on their mental and physical health.
We found that people's daily routines carried a lot of stressful factors. Such as transportation or for example getting to work on time, going to the gym, picking up your kids, getting to class or an appointment on time, etc. 
All these factors increase stress levels and to fix this problem, we wanted the mobility hub to not only be a place for transportation or a sensory experience, but a place that helps to build people’s social utopia.



As mentioned in the Sensory Experience, there will be a Gym at the Mobihub where members can go to work out anytime of the day. This way, you can work on your physical health and not have an excuse that the gym is too far away. 
A pharmacy will be nearby as well to attend your medical needs.



At the Mobihub, there are work spaces where people can either work or study in a calm and quiet environment. This is useful for people who are either waiting for their transportation or if they have time left before going to a meeting. Even when they just want a quiet space to work and be productive when they cannot do it at home.
Here, they can also hold video calls in separate private spaces and not get disturbed.
These productivity spaces are going to be heated through infra-red heat. This will be incorporated into a sleek and modern design such as paintings or heating from under a desk. 
After they are done using the work space, it will be cleaned up and disinfected. This is something we have learned from the 2020 pandemic to incorporate into the future. Even though we know COVID-19 has a cure, you simply never know when a new virus might arrive.



For people who have kids, they can drop them off at the daycare center at the Mobihub.
This way parents do not have to go to an extreme length just to drop their kids off before work. They can drop them off safely and go immediately to take their mode of transport to work. Or even when the parents come back from work or just want to be productive at the Mobihub, perhaps even work out. 
They can be assured their kids will be safely taken care of at the centre.
At this centre, there will be a playground where the kids can play and enjoy their time and a quiet corner for the kids that are either tired and want to nap or like to draw, colour or read. At the centre, there will be certified caregivers who will watch over the kids and if kids are there for the periods of breakfast, lunch or diner time a meal can be provided.



In Japan, a new trend is on the horizon and the trend has been growing for years but yet, we have not seen this trend in the west. This trend entails sleeping capsules. These sleeping capsules are a stress relieving tool that will be located at the Mobihub. People get stressed before and after work or school. Sometimes, they just want to nap or relax without the stress of their family or problems at home.
We can provide sleeping capsules where they can rest for a certain amount of time. People can make a reservation ahead of time on the Mobihub app and choose for how long they want it.
After they are done using the pod, this bed will be thoroughly disinfected, cleaned and refreshed for the next user.



To maximize people’s comfort and experience, there will be an option to stay overnight such as cityhotels.
This consists of a small bed that people can reserve beforehand through the app. On the app, they can view availability as well. If people do not show up or cancel at the last minute, they will need to pay a fine. They can book these for a night to unwind and relax.
This is especially handy for people who are for a night stuck in the city or for people who just want some peace and quiet for a night.
After they are done using these beds, there will be a turn down and cleaning service to ensure the hygiene of these spaces.



To help relax or clear the mind, people can also go up to the roof where there is a garden available for people to work or just simply enjoy the garden. Here, people can reserve a space where they can plant and work at. Tools will be available and disinfected after each use. Seeds and other necessary ingredients can be requested on the app before the people arrive. However, if you do not really enjoy working in a garden, you can simply come up and enjoy the garden. Maybe read or have a cup of tea and be one with nature to clear your mind.



The corona pandemic left a big mark in our history. This is why every idea is executed while keeping all hygenic rules in mind. If  necessary, the Mobihub will still be appropriate to use during a pandemic as everything is up to a hygenic code.There is also enough place to keep distance of eachother and enough supplies foreseen to clean the shared spaces.